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Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2024
Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2024
May 19, 2024 - May 26, 2024
In Person: May 19, 2024 - May 23, 2024
Online: May 19, 2024 - May 26, 2024
Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2024
Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2024
May 19, 2024 - May 26, 2024
In Person: May 19, 2024 - May 23, 2024
Online: May 19, 2024 - May 26, 2024
In an unusual bar on an unknown planet, filled with unlikely characters, power takes on new meaning. Widow, a dark and seductive force, performs to her sparse crowd of undesirable clientele. Enter Gus, a 'company man' and the fastest draw this side of the system. Gus is on the hunt for the last target on his contract, but in this world of dark deeds, shady characters and supernatural assassins all but the best laid plans go awry. Widow and Gus engage in a charged back and forth setting in motion the events that will lead him to his man. Competing powers, insidious plans and a devil pulling the strings. But, in Buenoseres.... It's just another day.
Tony and Lindsay are looking for a permanent solution to their family's fertility, but for Tony, the simple procedure poses a threat to his fragile masculinity.
As Ashley and Jason, a young couple deeply in love, prepare to host a dinner party, Ashley finds out she’s pregnant. To avoid distracting Jason, she keeps this information to herself but when the truth comes out the couple are forced to address their situation. Already financially strained and with unstable acting careers, raising a baby has always been ‘out of the question’. However, when faced with the reality of their situation Jason has a change of heart. What ensues is a heated conversation about their future that tests the strength of their relationship and blurs the line between right and wrong.
Dean Gunnarson, world-renowned escapologist, has made a career of avoiding death. His first escape was his greatest -- surviving juvenile leukemia. In the wake of his illness, a magic-obsessed young Dean meets a boy on the cancer ward named Phil, who also loves magic. Together, Phil and Dean train in the magical arts but find the true magic is their friendship.
After spending an evening scrolling endlessly on his mobile phone, flooding his brain with other people's lives, Hamish decided to walk to his great Aunt's house. ‘Cat Had His Thumb’ is a film about a visit to his great Aunt, documenting memories and the landscape that surrounds her. The film is a 1080 full HD it seems to have uploaded as 720 HD.
British-Somali teen Muna is desperate to go on the school trip. But her parents aren't so sure. Tragedy strikes when her grandfather dies back in Somalia, and Muna must navigate a confusing mourning period for someone she never really knew - all while still desperately hoping to persuade her mother to change her mind about the trip.
Ash has one chance to carry out the ritual, anxious of being caught and fearing it won't work. Or worse; what will happen to them if it does.
“A memoir of triumph over adversity and wounds no sword can make” The true story of two elite soldiers severely injured in the line of duty. “Unconquered” charts their inspiring journey from the depths of despair to break the chains of life changing injuries to rise again.
Alfred, a hopeless romantic, buys a fish to get over his ex girlfriend, Julie and takes her on all sorts of dates and adventures.
RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME…WRONG NUMBER A wrong number phonecall from a suicidal Irishman on a remote train platform leads to a trainee vicar saving his life…by mistake. 1 phone call, 2 locations, shot simultaneously in 1 take. The phone call is presented to the audience in split screen so they can choose their own journey. When Cillian arrives at the platform just before sunrise, aiming for a permanent departure from life in Limerick, he can’t figure out why there are no trains. Not to be beaten, he calls the information line for help and gets far more than he bargained for, when the person that answers is a hopelessly inadequate priest, utterly oblivious to Cillian’s psychodrama. This project started as a 2 hander play. It was picked up, adapted and turned into a short film in 6 months. From the strength of this short film it is currently being developed into a 6 part TV show.
On a camping trip in Wales, an eight year old girl and her father navigate their changing relationship. "Tidy House" tells the story of Becca (Ava Zeta-Jones) witnessing the emotional breakdown of her father Alan (Gruffudd Glyn) and follows her journey of becoming his emotional support system. It explores the beginning of parentification - the role reversal that happens when a child must become the parent, at the expense of their own needs. "Tidy House" is produced entirely in Wales, with an all Welsh cast and crew, and features the music of award-winning Welsh folk artist Gwilym Rhys Bowen.
Kate is haunted by the seemingly malevolent spirit of a teenage boy. But is he really malevolent? Is he real? And who are the other people who seem to appear and disappear at random in her artist’s studio? Kate soon finds herself drawn into a frightening labyrinth, where dreams, nightmares, memory and reality violently collide.
In 1872, a group of young Chinese students ventures to the U.S. to study Western science and technology, only to find their actions closely monitored and restrained by accompanying Chinese officials. When one student reaches his breaking point, he dares to defy the oppressive restrictions, setting off a courageous struggle for freedom and self-determination.
When his dream business comes under threat by a predatory loan shark, Welsh restaurateur Dick must take drastic action to protect his beloved, tacky Spanish tapas restaurant.
An anonymous street artist seeks inspiration for a new show in the unlikeliest of places.
Mother daughter relationship face’s huge pressure.Embroiling the church in an end of life question
Synopsis For the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Paralympic held at the bird’s nest in Beijing , Chinese artist Jody Xiong was invited by Chief Director Zhang Yimou to create a technologically-powered art installation called ‘The Bloom’. The project brought together 12 disabled people around an 8-meter wide, circular canvas to create a colorful smiley face by detonating paint-filled balloons using the power of their minds. It is a tech and art experiment, an expression of the strength of the disabled. This short film really records the process of the experiment. Description Disable people are not defined by their health conditions or impairments. Combined with the technology of brain wave idea control, the mental power expression of the disabled can be visualised. A group of impaired individuals came together to create a piece dedicated to the Winter Paralympics. They choose their favourite colours and place them in balloons with detonators. Then wear a brainwave-capturing device that sends a signal to trigger a detonator to detonate a balloon, and paint is sprayed on the canvas. The colourful intersections form an abstract “smiley face”, which means welcoming friends from all over the world with laughter. “Smiley face” debuted at the opening ceremony of the Winter Paralympics. How ‘The Bloom’ Works We have people with disabilities wearing our brainwave controllers, which can capture the EEG (Electroencephalogram) signal of the wearer through the device's receptors. The captured EEG signal will be converted into the corresponding EEG parameter using the NeuroSky biometric algorithm, thus controlling the external detonating device. Our external device is a PLC (programmable logic controller) connecting to 61 detonators via relays and wires. Each detonator is placed into a balloon full of colored pigments. Each person with disabilities can choose one or several ballons that they like. Then we will individually program the balloons via the PLC and match the balloons to the corresponding brainwave device. All they need to do is to focus, so they can convert their EEG signals to commands and trigger the detonation.
Roisin stands alone in the rugged Irish countryside, a guardian of the mystical land that has been in her family for generations. As a greedy relative seeks to exploit the earth beneath her feet, Roisin's unwavering will and deep-rooted connection to the land propel her to fight back, unyielding in her defence of the magic that lies at the heart of the landscape.
On the brink of nuclear destruction, a mother must make an impossible decision to protect her children.
Pobl Bachyn is a new short comedy-horror film from Tarot about the triple threat of Welsh folklore, English tourists and (to a lesser degree) being hungover, all set on a farm on Ynys Môn in North Wales. When Adam goes to visit his friends Ed and Kath after a recent break-up, he is hoping for some consolation. What he hasn't realised is that he has turned up during Pobl Bachyn, a long-standing tradition in the town of Twll. If a guest is found in the house when midnight strikes, the folkloric hookmen will arrive and all hell will break loose. But it's just a fun tradition, isn't it? As midnight draws near and Adam is too hungover to leave, Ed and Kath need to choose between friendship and superstition. Perhaps, after all, it's safer to believe than not... Pobl Bachyn is the directorial debut of Kiri Pritchard-McLean.
From Writer/Director Shuhel Ahmed comes this hard hitting coming of age drama set in London revolving around two muslim brothers. The film examines both their lives through drugs and gang violence as the world around them begins to spiral out of control. The religion of Islam plays a pivotal and crucial role in their search for meaning, purpose and recovery.
In a faraway land, a wanderer poet announces the news of the death of a horse. Two sisters living secluded in the desert then prepare a mourning ritual. Following a mysterious long lost tradition, they work on creating a “jar of sorrows”: they walk in the desert to harvest clay and make a pottery jar to collect and encapsulate their tears, which they seal and bury to honor the deceased horse. ‘Wake for a Horse’ follows the evolution of sisterhood, through their journey of loss.
Something is missing from Carl's life. He arranges a clandestine meeting with two strangers he hopes can bring answers.
The film tells the story of the renovation of an old house we bought, some of the story behind it and a psychogeographic investigation of the area, which reveals some surprising stories.
'For You' is a heartfelt letter from a father to his two-year-old son, capturing a summer day in the park, a world filled with wonders yet to be discovered and a looming danger. Set in Peckham, South East London, the director narrates the story in Italian, the language he has spoken to his son since birth. This project is deeply intimate and personal, yet carries a universal and resonating message: what lies ahead might be uncertain, but with love, courage, and imagination, we can create a better future.
A team sails to the remote Arctic island of Jan Mayen to recreate the 1921 British expedition to summit the world’s northernmost volcano, Mount Beerenberg. They conduct marine science, alongside discovering how climate change is affecting the volcano’s glaciers today.
After a permanent mistake, a man, confronted with horrors and beauty, must make sense of his reality if he is to be free of its unending grasp. An esoteric non-linear short story that explores the importance of life through the lens of death. Inspired by the Bardo Thodol, You Are Not Made of Flesh, through religious and cultural symbolism, shows the spiritual journey of a man who decided to take his own life - what that means for him, and for those he left behind.
Something has happened to JOHN WRIGHT'S daughter; she’s gone and he’s in denial about it. He's on medication that suppress his more extreme tendencies and the Doctor firmly recommends that he stay on them, but John throws them in the bin. That evening, as the drugs wear off dark suspicions about what happened to his daughter surface. What extremes will he go to, to discover the truth? Is John psychotic and delusional or are his suspicions justified.
Iestyn has one chance to ask Siwan, the love of his life, out at their college summer dance, but Iestyn’s life will change forever when a down-on-his-luck future Iestyn has time-travelled back to give him advice on how to win Siwan over.
The wordless story of a young girl's path to the sacred tree.
It's 1985 and video game-obsessed Eran, tired of looking after his kid sister, sneaks out of the house and rides his bike to the wrong part of town, all just to play on a mysterious arcade cabinet. But on inserting a coin, something goes awry and Eran’s world is changed forever as his body is split into millions of tiny atoms and reordered, rearranged, and re-coded into Un-Gameland! Decades later… Elaine has been gaming her whole life, it's the one thing that connects her to her beloved brother who went missing so long ago. Her obsession eventually leads her to an old arcade cabinet in a collector's vault. She, like her brother, inserts a coin and is catapulted into Un-Gameland. But can the siblings escape?
When 18th century cleric, Rev. Heatly Smythe, is appointed to a new rural Parish, he finds his faith tested by local superstitions surrounding a strange mound in an ancient woodland. Being an academic, Heatly has little time for the local superstitions, and begins to ruminate about the true nature of the so-called 'Devil's Mound'. In an attempt to rid the parish of its 'blasphemous beliefs', Heatly endeavours to prove that the mound in question is merely an ancient burial sight of historic importance. Led by arrogance and a blind self-conviction, Heatly Smythe finds himself confronted by local friction, tragic circumstances, and an illusive individual that begins to haunt his every step. Loosely based on a chapter from the 'smash hit' novel 'Skendleby', by Nick Brown OBE.
Crossed words, lost narratives and missing memories fill the pages of yesterday. Can they untangle their minds and hearts and find the courage for a clearer tomorrow? With nothing but day-time television, the daily crossword and each other for company, we see the pressure on their relationship. In a puzzling narrative, told through flashback and “crossword” dialouge, we explore the intricacies and difficulties of a lifelong commitment. Giving a voice to their love story through poetry and prose. And highlight the struggle of loneliness for the already vulnerable.
Child hunger is the worst of inequality. The Apple is heart warming story of two kids from different Socio economic background and how they cross each others path whilst exchanging an apple. In the story Apple is metaphorically bridging the disparity of social strata through empathy and compassion. The film has been shot in India with every frame and background scores being original narrating the conjunction of starking different world existing in two children’s life.
Unrequited love is something most of us are painfully familiar with. In Funny Kind of Fine, six students happily party around a fire on the shore until Sam shuns Danny’s romantic advances and he takes himself away from the group. Emma goes to console him and in her exasperation reveals her feelings towards him moments before Sam comes to investigate what’s going on. The merry-go-round of love plays out, the classic triangle becoming a circle when Emma finds out she might have an admirer of her own.
After several unsuccessful attempts to complete a Captcha, feminist Lara sets out to answer the disturbing question of whether she's a robot, and therefore bought by her own boyfriend.
Ruth, an elderly lady with dementia, becomes lost within her own home. As she tries to find answers she ends up losing herself further, confusing reality with memories from her past. Shot in a single 12 minute take, the film puts the audience in Ruth's shoes, making them feel first hand the daily confusion brought on by someone suffering from dementia.
Prashant and Kichu — two boys aged around 10 years old, living in Alleppy, Kerala — discover, one evening, a strange old man sitting by a pond. In tattered clothes that look like the remnants of some forgotten time, he stares at his reflection, reciting archaic Urdu poetry. The boys struggle to communicate with him in their local Malayalam, but, feeling sorry for him, decide to take the lost soul home. With the help of their Hindi-speaking friend Roopa, the boys slowly understand the Man’s Urdu Poetry, which reveals to them his true identity.
Knowing Wang's terminal illness, his friends Zhang and Li join him in an intense game match, embracing his optimism in a bittersweet farewell.
Decommissioned and discredited, an obsessive scientist will stop at nothing to finish his experiment.
Two care workers from different backgrounds face the challenges of the private British care system and rebel in a way they can afford.
A girl brings her fiancé home to meet her father for the first time. But… home is not merely a home. And her father is from a very different world. Social classes and generations clash in this black comedy of manners set in the stunning English countryside, where the responsibility of conserving the family legacy is not for the faint-hearted...
Nine-year-old Isra is proud of her Bedouin heritage and dreams of camping in the desert. But she and her parents are evicted from their home without having anywhere else to stay. Just as all hope appears lost, Isra’s camping dream inspires her father and they end up living in a tent in a nearby wood. Isra is delighted with the camping life but, when they have to leave suddenly, her idyll is shattered. Luckily, her mother has a plan to resurrect her Bedouin dream. Commissioned by RTÉ Kids as part of the EBU Drama Exchange.
Male breast cancer survivors want to remain invisible in the staunch patriarchal societies where having a "woman's disease" is a subject of shame and ridicule. Based on true stories, LESS OF A MAN delves into the turbulent psyche of a survivor during his mammogram, grappling with shattered masculinity and overwhelming fear.
An art curator is held hostage by a portraitist who threatens to detonate a bomb unless their demands are met. 'The Gallery' contains two interactive narratives - set in 1981 (with a female protagonist) and 2021 (with a male protagonist).
Rhodri has upset a lot of people and motives for murder are in abundance. A classic whodunit with a twist.
It's 400 years since the publication of Shakespeare’s First Folio. These six short films mark the anniversary by taking some of Shakespeare's most famous words and using them to say something about life in 2024. Filmed in places as diverse as the battlegrounds of Ukraine and the edge of space itself, the result is a unique and often moving commentary on the state of the world today. Narrated by a stellar cast of actors, including Tom Baker and Cerys Matthews, the six films are presented at the festival as they are intended to be viewed, as a single work divided into chapters.
Logline: A mother searches a secluded beach, determined to find a certain item, that will bring her some closure.
A couple show their true colours when they discover that they've won the lottery.
A sleeping man’s fading memory of his late Mother unravels through a recurring, hypermnesic dream that reverberates and transforms throughout his life, tracing from his final dream back to his first.
In the medical tent at a techno rave, an unusual bond is struck between a raver and the steward that looks after him.
Shane Lucas, an ex-Yakuza member and 4th degree black belt in Judo, is hunted down at his local dojo in Los Angeles 1985 by his long-time rival, Elias Da Rosa and his crew members from the same crime family. Shane is threatened to come back to the Yakuza or would suffer the consequence of not.
In the near future where AI dating application ReaLife navigates human relationships, Neda (26) finds herself torn between the allure of a perfect online match and the desire for genuine human connection.
‘What Happened To You’ is a short documentary that tells the stories of Tom Jorza and Sebastian Scales. Friends since pre-school Tom and Sebastian have been through everything together. Sebastian was sexually abused as a child; and Tom suffered brain trauma from an injury resulting in him no longer being able to walk or talk. Now, the two of them do stand-up comedy about their trauma.
After a life-changing incident in a pub toilet, loveable rogue and absent father, Christian Stoner wakes to find himself in what appears to be a waiting for the afterlife staffed by his former school Geography teacher, Mr Samuels. As their conversation unfolds, Christian discovers that neither Mr Samuels nor this vast room are entirely as they appear. Is Christian doomed to spend eternity in the most boring dimension imaginable? Or can he persuade Mr Samuels into an audacious escape back to reality and the family he has so foolishly taken for granted?
The short story explores the themes of time and life through the perspective of a dying Knight who is filled with regret about how his life has unfolded. However, a Chronicler reminds him of all the adventurous and heroic moments he has experienced as a Knight, prompting him to reconsider his perspective on his life. Through this reflection, the story delves into the complexities of human existence and the significance of the moments that shape our lives.
This may be the shortest relationship in the world.
Dan and Ashley discover that their home is haunted by the ghost of Liz, Dan’s former girlfriend. Liz becomes determined to scare Ashley out of her relationship with Dan with a series of supernatural pranks. Ashley’s resolve will be tested as she must find a way to make peace with Liz before one of her pranks goes too far.
Inspired by true events - A woman living in her car on hospital grounds during the coldest Scottish winter in years ignores the growing concerns of others, but she must come to accept what is holding her there or face the inevitable consequences.
When a middle-aged man, coping in a dystopian world, is forced to spread his dead wife's ashes by a government mandated deadline, a stranger's kindness is the only lifeline to help him through the sacred ritual before time runs out.
Two One Two, by award-winning filmmaker Shira Avni, combines shimmering clay on glass animation with personal archives in this deeply intimate, experimental animated documentary love letter to motherhood, parenting on the spectrum, and two headed monsters everywhere.
Forced to go digital when the local bank closes. A 75-year-old recent widower, Archie, struggles to adapt to a rapidly changing world. He must set aside his pride and ask for help accessing the internet. What he doesn’t realise is that getting online will bring about a surprising human connection.
After Sam brings home a one-night stand, Chloe, he is surprised to find his ex-girlfriend, Hayley, in his kitchen – although Sam knows she has moved to Australia and Chloe is unable to see her. Sam attempts to continue the date with Chloe, with his manifested ex-girlfriend by his side. His interest in Chloe is futile now as the conversations continue and we learn he cheated on Hayley, and this manifestation appears to have been brought on from a place of Sam’s guilt, and what seemed to be a haunting ex-girlfriend story about an innocent everyman turns into analysing his guilt and pain. When Chloe and Sam get to the bedroom the story reaches a crescendo where Sam is unable to continue the night with Chloe, who offers him some comfort and leaves him alone with Hayley, the pair lie in bed at the end side by side, and Sam asks how long she’s staying – she reveals that’s up to him.
Buoy charts the journey of a young boy, taking his first trip on his father’s fishing boat. When he becomes trapped and alone in the engine room of the stricken vessel. With the battle of Mother Nature ensuing, this short film will have you on the edge of your seat.
In the near future where AI dating application ReaLife navigates human relationships, Neda (26) finds herself torn between the allure of a perfect online match and the desire for genuine human connection.
Life at the end of the line has always been tough. With the cost of living going up and pressure to cash in on their now quaint fishing cottage's financial potential, Biddy and Rob find themselves at the end of the line in more ways than one. However Biddy has a plan, Biddy has an idea, Biddy has a desire to paint. The question is will any of her work save them from financial ruin, and who at the end of the line will take notice?
George, after a night’s drinking, tells a couple friends about the lights he’s been seeing in the sky, and how beautiful they were. They laugh, telling him he’s probably just seen a plane or something. That night, after his friend’s have left, George is determined to find any evidence he can online. That’s when he’s abducted by the strange forces behind the lights and subjected to cruel and horrific treatment. This is his life for the following weeks: being harassed by this entity without the chance to rest. He is checked in on by his friends, Tim and Bill, who are supportive, but aren’t ready to hear any stories about lights in the sky, thinking that he’s probably just taken something and imagining it. When it’s made clear that the force tormenting him will never stop, George makes efforts to fight back, or at the very least, escape.
School life is hard for everyone. Following an accident, Sian has been absent, today she must return. Sian searches for the strength to face school life by visiting her sanctuary in the woods. Mother nature hears her call. As her day unravels, facing her bullies calls on a deeper power than she could ever have imagined. Will Sian succumb to the force that nature has awakened within her, or be destroyed by her teenage tormentors? A delicious story of supernatural revenge, that explores female teenage relationships.
A haunting, psychological drama, which tells the story of a famous TV personality, whose life and career implodes when a mysterious visitor comes to call...
A despondent man struggles to cope with his mother's Alzheimer's.
Sick-Amour: A Love Story celebrates the forlorn and lonely Tree that Joel Tauber adopts in the middle of a giant parking lot in front of the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena (CA, USA). The 77-minute documentary—which was filmed over the course of 18 years—paints a multi-faceted portrait of the Tree via a series of interviews with experts in different fields; while it chronicles Tauber’s efforts to improve the Tree’s life. Tauber waters the Tree with giant water bags, installs tree guards to protect it from cars, builds giant earrings to celebrate its beauty, lobbies to remove the asphalt beneath its canopy and to protect it with a ring of boulders, and helps the Tree reproduce. Then—years later—shocking tragedy occurs, and Tauber is forced to re-consider what it means to love the Tree.
It's Christmas. The outside world is aglow with festive joy and revelry. Meanwhile Jan, a young single mother struggling to make ends meet, believes that she has failed her daughter. Convinced that she is better off without her, it is not until Jan encounters an older woman at a train platform with a similar story, that she begins to reconsider her decision.
This is an educational short film which shares it's fact about how Treetops School in Essex are working harder to help other various and other disabled students. The school is based in the Essex borough of Thurrock and has been started in Grays from 1964, but by the time the school had to close following the pandemic in 2020, all various students had to remain at home to study, which was in a result of them having various suffering experiences through-out staying safe. When a former student of Treetops honoured to help Treetops, he created this short film, in represents his experience based on his lifetime experience he participated in his studying life and after being a former student since leaving the school roots in 2016. In this film, created and edited by award winning filmmaker Samuel Turner who directed "When Efforts Begins with Cerebra (2019)" and "I am Samuel (2020)", here's an extraordinary story about hope, comebacks and support between heroes and celebrities in which you'll discover in this special school short film. The film are basically all archives, credits to Treetops School & Samuel Turner, based on real life events, during and following the coronavirus pandemic. Featuring celebrities like * Lost Voice Guy (Lee Ridley) * Dan (NHS Worker) * Perrie Edwards (Little Mix) * Olly Murs * David Walliams including your favourite spring into action character * The Easter Bunny
Momentarily distracted from his existential crisis by the enigmatic Kiyoni, 30-year-old George is suddenly forced to confront his past in an attempt to process a life-altering event
When a mother’s AI-generated memories clash with reality, she must confront her past for the sake of her future.
“Meir" is a heartwarming drama about a shoemaker who runs a family business with his two brothers. When the neighboring night club causes trouble for their shop, Meir's brothers want to sell the business to the club owners. Meir, however, refuses to let go of his family's legacy and does everything he can to prevent the deal from taking place. As tensions rise, Meir must navigate the complexities of family, tradition, and community to keep his life's work alive.
Touring pub singer, Bex, lets her celebrity delusions get in the way of her relationship with her daughter, Rhian, who is left to pick up the pieces when faced with the cruel reality of her mother's lifestyle.
A stressed mother with two small children receives a visit from a rather large, hairy childhood friend who helps her get her life back together.
In an exploration of the role that technology plays in modern relationships, a man struggles to make his TV work.
Michael (45). He is a camera repair technician. One day an old Voightländer camera comes into his hands to repair it. When he turns it on, he discovers that the camera captures the presence of a woman who lives in the same space and time as Miguel, although in another dimension.
Using archive footage and film, which has been upscaled to HD and colourised, the film tells the story of the flight of the seaplane "Friendship" which carried Amelia Earhart from Trepassey, Newfoundland, landing in the Burry estuary and arriving at Burry Port, a small seaside town in Carmarthenshire, South Wales, to make her the first woman to cross the Atlantic by aeroplane. The film goes back to the origins of the flight and tells if how an unknown social worker from Boston called Amelia Earhart was chosen. The film includes first-hand audio and video testimony from eyewitnesses to the extraordinary events of the 18th of June, 1928.
Deep in rural Cornwall, autistic Thomas loves to read. Retreating from a world he finds sensorily challenging, he spends all day buried in books, telling himself stories of heroes and epic quests. When a flying football starts a new friendship with sporty Agnes, Thomas initially finds it hard to relate and let her into his world. This distance between them means that Agnes becomes bored with Thomas’ storytelling, forcing Thomas to use his incredible creativity to make new stories for them both. Through their burgeoning relationship, he learns how to express himself creatively, empathise and learn from others, making his unique experience of the world around him more understandable and manageable. SPINES is the first BFI NETWORK funded film to have an autistic director and lead actor.
"Joy is only valuable if it is susceptible to break at any moment." A musical opera romance set on a beguiling day in London.
Hard Times," set in Hackney, London, follows Danny (Elliot Warren), a man grappling with the challenges of fatherhood under the strain of the cost of living crisis. In the Army and Navy pub, his life intersects with pub regulars, barmaid Joan (Clare Perkins), friend Mike (Reis Daniel), daughter Jess (Lexi Lancaster), and his ex-partner (Olivia Grace Brady). When unexpectedly left with Jess, Danny makes a risky decision to involve her in a dangerous job for a needed paycheck. The film escalates with the arrival of Teef (Alessandro Babalola), leading to a climax where Danny confronts the consequences of his choices, especially on Jess. "Hard Times" is a stark portrayal of the struggles in tough socioeconomic conditions.
An office worker is alone at night with just the cleaner vacuuming around him when his computer randomly turns off. Frustrated at not being able to access his work, the computer starts up again by itself and offers him three wishes. Unable to make the message go away he asks the computer to stop the sound around him. The sound suddenly disappears with the cleaner nowhere in sight. Still in denial, he asks the computer to make him rich. Seconds later he hears the lottery numbers being announced on the radio. They match the ones on his ticket. Now intrigued he realises he only has one wish left. He thinks long and hard before finally choosing the perfect wish. Longline: A worker is pulling a late shift, feeling the strain of life, when his computer surprises him with three wishes.
Early one winter morning in the rural town of Rhuthun in North Wales, three men are called upon once again to carry out a terrible assignment on the Bwlch Pen Barras mountain pass. Shot on 16mm by cinematographer Sean Price Williams (Good Time, Her Smell) and featuring a score by Cian Ciaran and Dafydd Ieuan from The Super Furry Animals, The Wyrm of Bwlch Pen Barras is a Méliès d’argent-nominated Welsh language folk horror film about modern Wales, rooted in the country's rich mythology.
Having forged his own path out of desperation, MacArthur Genius award-winning musician Bright Sheng describes his experience in becoming a musician during the Cultural Revolution in China. Being a musician was the only way he could embrace his destiny, but it is a path that his talented 11-year-old daughter isn't sure she wants herself.
In the dimly lit confines of an empty bar, a solitary figure sits, his steely gaze betraying a lifetime of secrets. Dr. John Flemington, a CIA clinical and forensic psychologist, is the estranged son of the legendary James Bond - a connection he has long kept hidden. When Flemington is approached by Anastasia Mansfield, the enigmatic daughter of M from the 007 series, he finds himself thrust into a high-stakes mission of global importance. Caught in a web of intrigue and esoteric origins, Flemington must navigate a treacherous landscape, where the line between ally and adversary blurs. With his own girlfriend waiting for him in Mexico, Flemington is forced to confront not only the dark forces that seek to control him, but also the ghosts of his past. As the stakes grow ever higher, he must decide where his true loyalties lie - to his country, his family, or himself. This gripping drama/thriller/suspense spy film by first time writer/director (and clinical psychologist) Dr. Luke Rex, will take audiences on a heart-pounding journey, where the secrets of the past collide with the uncertainties of the present, and one man's choice could determine the fate of nations.
A man lives with the symptoms of a psychosis. Based on my own experience, depicting some of the lighter symptoms.
The Castle is the gripping modern Welsh folk story of an Afghan war veteran living with PTSD, who battled homelessness and trauma by building a four-storey castle with his bare hands on a hillside in the post-industrial Gwent Valleys. Six years on and the castle has become a magnet for other veterans and people struggling with their mental health.
Elders from the Windrush Generation relive their experiences of settling in Wales in this documentary which celebrates diverse Britain, whilst tackling the challenging theme of discrimination.
"We have been ordered to leave. They told us our lease has expired. Their cast-offs litter our landscapes. We have our ways of keeping out of sight. These are our microrefugia..." As human-induced global climate change threatens the viability of nearly every ecosystem on earth, small refuges, the microrefugia, may provide safe havens for the organisms that can successfully survive there. Small plants, fungi and species yet to evolve may yet be long-term survivors, if only we give them a chance... Nearly all of this footage was recorded in the Belair area of unceded Kaurna Land in South Australia. Much of it was filmed among the native plants in our own garden, with key elements recorded in Belair National Park. The music is in 11/4 time and includes samples of birds, frogs, machines, engines and alarms in and around the environments where the videos were recorded.
Ryusuke, a craftsman who lost his beloved wife, continues making salt even on the day of her farewell funeral. His granddaughter Midori, who sees him devote himself to salt making even at such a time, asks him about his true intentions. He believes that his mission is to continue to make salt that can only be made in this land and to preserve its history. He is trying to preserve the taste of salt from ancient times for future generations. Midori continues to watch him. Facing the salt, He feels as if he is there with his late wife.
The Martin Decker Show
When uptight retiree Mrs Foster begins chemotherapy she's thrown together in the treatment room with Maisy, a whirlwind inquisitive child aspiring to be a lesbian. As treatment progresses the pair's fortuitous bond offers healing and newfound hope in unexpected places.
One-take animal silent documentary short film. It's a story about two pigeons, but not only about them: A wanderer intrudes, a defender hates. Food is enough, but can't take away. Fighting is on certain, winner you don't say. Around and around, nothing indeed stays.
A cynical patient finds himself at a crossroads with his therapist. The advice she gives may save him, but could have far reaching consequences.
Late at night, a lone fisherman discovers he is not the only one hoping to hook something.
Leah, a gifted actress, is asked to play the role of a soldier's widow in a training exercise for soldiers. As she grapples with heart-wrenching news, her performance breaks conventional boundaries. Much like the Starling, her performance mimics the melodies of enigmatic identities, blurring the lines between reality and fiction.
Mia and the Dragon Princess is action packed and will take players from secret tunnels under the streets of London into a world of folklore, villainy and martial arts. A live-action, interactive action movie following Mia, a plucky barmaid whose life is thrown into chaos when a mysterious woman turns up at her workplace, on the run from a group of violent thugs and unable to speak English.
When Danny is ripped from the streets by the gangsters he wronged he is brought to a darkened wood to dig his own grave and say his final goodbyes. But ever the gift-of-the-gab, Danny decides if he can't fight his way out, perhaps he can talk his way out ... with a tale of The Magic Spade.
In the 1960s, a Korean boy (16), kidnapped and assaulted at a juvenile center on a remote island, must escape with his rival to survive.
"I Was There" is a trilogy of experimental documentary films that explores the problem of radiation, our society's fading collective memory of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the unresolved debate between ethics and science. These series concern the immediate effects of weaponized nuclear technology, as invisible poison, on the human body. Meditating on the survivor's memories, "I Was There" (Part I) traces the experience of a physician for the past 70 years, who recounted his day as a rare witness when the atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima. The poignant and thought-provoking evidence of the secret war tactics reveals the human value during times of war in conflicts. Saving American lives is the commonly known and acceptable narrative of why the United States government dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. However, this narrative contradicts the finding in personal and petitions letters, and arsenal photography housed at the Truman Presidential Museum. The evidence uncovers a rather surprising reason for testing the atomic bomb on humans – competing for war power against Russia and securing the US dominant role in global politics. For information about the series "I Was There", please visit
Inspired by the journey of Dana, the american bald eagle of the Aquashow in Audierne who lost her way for 3 weeks in 2019, "Legendary Skies" is an artistic creation revealing Brittany from the eagle's point of view. This unique aerial journey takes the viewer on a discovery of Brittany's landscapes and artists who reveal themselves on the bird’s path. Presented in the form of a short film and accompanied by a documentary, It is a real technical and artistic feat. This project thrives as a human and animal adventure at the frontiers of nature, music, cinema, and dance. A modern and timeless film that aims to be a tribute to the beauty and indigenous culture of Brittany.
And You Are...? is the most unlikely of buddy films: Lynn, a grandmother suffering from Alzheimer's only has the past to prove she exists. Her grandson Max, desperately wants to erase his past as it never proved his true existence.
Liz Miles is literary agent and friend to New York City's current wunderkind memoir writer, Christian St. Clair, who - for all of his literary prowess and charm - can be difficult to wrangle. He cancels publicity events without consulting her and refuses to play nice with the press. When a young man who he courts at one of his loft parties turns out to be a ghost from Christian's troubled past, the veracity of his book is suddenly threatened. Liz scrambles to get her client to handle the fallout, ultimately questioning her years spent supporting someone who she may not know at all.
When their best friend is stood up on a date, a group of struggling twenty-somethings attempt to relive their adolescence through a night of riotous drinking on the streets of East Kilbride.
The poignant story of migrants who are forced to leave their countries due to wars, conflicts, occupation, or chronic poverty, embarking on a journey towards unfamiliar lands in pursuit of a safer and more beautiful life. The animated film "Numbers" reminds us that humans are not mere statistics, but living beings.
Explore the mysterious Isle Tide hotel and infiltrate a cult in this interactive film detective game, featuring a cast from GoT, The Witcher, and more. Every decision counts as you gather clues and question guests. Can you unearth the ominous secrets at the Hotel before it's too late to save your missing daughter? A live-action, interactive mystery game about an absent father who must rescue his teenage daughter from an eclectic cult before their final night at the Isle Tide Hotel. Investigate the strange events that unfold to save Eleanor Malone, where every decision affects the story. Open every three years for three nights, the Isle Tide Hotel is a strange mix of colourful characters hiding personal traumas gather to uncover the one thread binding them. Navigate a branching narrative with numerous ways to help rescue the daughter you’ve never met.
Sol and Gina had big dreams of travel and adventure in their vintage RV over their summer break from teaching elementary. But when Gina’s life is cut short by a school shooter, Sol desperately tries to hold onto her memory by taking to the open road with their little dog, Rosie. Lost and in search for answers along his own personal odyssey, Sol realizes through helping others and rediscovering lessons from his Mestizo heritage that his true path has been laid before him all along.
An Arabic couple, Iman and Tariq, are at a mall. Iman unwillingly wears a niqab. While Iman is alone, an arguing couple, Omar and Rajha (willingly in a niqab), approach. Omar goes to the toilet and the women start chatting. An assistant asks Rajha to come with her, so they decide that Iman will look after her stuff for a moment. Omar returns, rushing for an important delivery. He nudges ‘Rajha’: they need to leave immediately. In a moment of adventure and desperation, Iman complies, pretending to be Rajha. At home, she gets carried away in her fantasy. The real Rajha arrives and Iman snaps out of her illusion. Omar and Rajha fight and Iman runs home. She arrives just in time so as not to get caught by Tariq. She obeys him, but it’s clear that she’ll try to break free again.
Smile, starring Sue Vincent and Catrin Stewart, is about a woman in her fifties who has to navigate her way through a sexual assault, and corrosive everyday sexism.
The poignant story of migrants who are forced to leave their countries due to wars, conflicts, occupation, or chronic poverty, embarking on a journey towards unfamiliar lands in pursuit of a safer and more beautiful life. The animated film "Numbers" reminds us that humans are not mere statistics, but living beings.
Ireland 1778. Two women flout convention and scandalise society to escape the fate their families plan for them. They elope. Based upon the true story of the legendary “Ladies of Llangollen.”
Sid lives in self-imposed isolation with his dog, Ace. That is until, one day, amidst the surrounding mountainscape, Sid sees a mysterious house appear on the horizon. Upon closer inspection, this house is familiar; it is his home. The same ravaged stone, mossy notches, and chipped painted wood. As Sid’s initial suspicions continue to grow, so does his all-consuming obsession with the house. He starts to plant traps and experiments, each taking him a step closer to the truth; that the house is a window into his future. As Sid continues stalking the house, discovering that the time difference between the two lodges is a mere hour, he suddenly sees his future self, wandering frantically around the house. Future Sid locks himself into a room; hiding from something unknown. After a few moments, future Sid is shot in the head. Panicked, present Sid realises what this means; he only has 1 hour to live. Following this discovery, Sid does everything he can to prevent his seemingly inevitable fate.
An Angel On Oxford Street is a short animated film which centres around the character Saul, and his reluctant journey into Oxford Street, London where he has an unexpected life changing encounter with a rough sleeper.
CUT follows an enormously talented young tennis player, ALI, who gets home from a training session with the best tennis academy in the country — Team Fireflies. When Ali’s dad starts prodding Ali about his tennis, we start to understand that Ali’s hiding something. The pivotal point of the film comes when Ali’s dad finally confronts Ali about being cut from Team Fireflies. Ali denies it but is forced to face the truth as his dad shows him that his contract with Team Fireflies has been terminated. Amid Ali’s fear-induced anxiety, his dad takes control of Ali’s tennis as his new coach, and they embark on a harsh father-and-son journey, that will break Ali down — emotionally, mentally, and physically.
Three siblings return to their hometown for the funeral of their beloved Uncle Bernard. While paying their respects, they have one simple aim - to get through the day without any mention of their estranged mother and her betrayal of the family.
Lost Innocence" weaves a complex narrative set against the backdrop of the digital landscape, where Botum, a girl besieged by grief and poverty, falls prey to the insidious charms of Socheat, a cyber predator. Engulfed in a digital labyrinth of deceit and coercion, Botum's fight for survival beckons an ally in the least likely of places. Her harrowing quest for liberation transcends personal redemption, morphing into a crusade that illuminates the dark corners of the internet and ignites a movement against the silent epidemic of online abuse.
When a spirited eight-year-old lands the part of Innkeeper in the school nativity play, she battles her perfectionist teacher who insists that she "stick to the script" and refuse Mary and Joseph a room.
A relationship is told through sketchbooks, memories, fantasies and film. How truthful is real life anyway?
Scottish folklore has it that if any group of lads stand for long enough anywhere on these historic lands eventually a storyteller will appear as if from the mists of imagination themselves. For one trio of friends this storyteller takes the form of The Sharkey. Armed with only his wits, a mostly empty bottle of cider and at least one type of Hepatitis the eponymous raconteur aims to charm his new companions with tales from his life, his work and his possible familial connections to Morgan Freeman. This fateful encounter in the stunning heartland of Scotland may forever alter the lives of all involved, or at least until the next bus shows up.
Caught in the cycle of temporary housing amidst the UK’s living crisis, a young single mother resorts to extreme lengths to try and change the course of her son’s future.
On the death of her husband, Malal retrieves her hidden pencils and paper from beneath a floor board to draw the flowers in her garden. While her sons argue over who will look after her now, she leaves the house alone for the first time in years.
An old man, alone in his flat, experiences the daily struggles of living with dementia. Despite attempting to occupy himself with familiar routine, very soon reality starts to fall away and he finds himself in a state of confusion and panic. He is forced to confront painful memories, whilst fighting to hold on to good ones. Can he come to terms with his condition, and find inner peace? A tale of humanity and the courage of showing resilience in the face of adversity.
"Within the chilling underworld of sex-trafficking, the heart-wrenching bond between two sisters unfolds. One sister, ensnared in the shadows of exploitation, fights for her very survival, while the other, a determined working-class mother, wages a relentless battle against insurmountable odds to bring her sister home"
Follows a day in the life of Jim as he sees his own demons reflected in the faces of the friends and loved ones he meets throughout the day.
In the midst of turmoil at Six Lantern Palace, the white tiger named Eleven disrupts an impending execution to rescue his comrades, the Five Tigers of Songtang. In the heat of battle, he discovers that Ruthless Blade, a merciless adversary, is an old acquaintance and a woman he once held dear. Determined to confront their entangled past, buried secrets slowly unravel, revealing an enduring love-hate connection...
A firefighter returns home after the most difficult shift of his life.
In the closing days of the Second World War, a young Gambian woman travels on foot across her country to get a translation of a letter telling the fate of her fiancé, fighting for the British thousands of miles away. Based on the novel 'Dabbali Gi' by Gambian author Baaba Sillah.
During a car ride, two people talk about childhood memories, videogames, lost loves and pub crawls.
Reeling from a recent separation, newly single mother Emily and her young son Ryan move into a house attached to a pub. They struggle to adjust to the cramped environment, loud noise, and the unwanted attention of their overbearing new landlord.
In 1951, the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas travelled Iran on an assignment to write a propaganda film for the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (now BP). Combining colonial archival photographs with Thomas's lyrical account (performed in a powerful voiceover by actor Michael Sheen), this documentary film follows the poet's journey through the country, capturing his haunting vision of oil and modernity, as a political upheaval for oil nationalisation unfolds. His job, Thomas would later remark, was to “pour water on troubled oil”.
Seeds for the Future, which stars the Roca brothers (El Celler de Can Roca), begins with the alarming extinction of crop diversity: a premise that the brothers discover in their local and personal surroundings, and that they continue to explore in other parts of the world. As they delve into the biodiversity conservation solutions offered by a series of different international experts, the protagonists begin a journey aimed at safeguarding their culinary heritage and family legacy.
A girl brings her fiancé home to meet her father for the first time. But… home is not merely a home. And her father is from a very different world. Social classes and generations clash in this black comedy of manners set in the stunning English countryside, where the responsibility of conserving the family legacy is not for the faint-hearted...
In Nazi-occupied France, a Jewish man breaks into the attic of a French couple's home but finds that he is not the only one hiding there.
LOGLINE Dr Goldsworth is on an idyllic marathon training run when she's derailed by anxious patient Geoff, who's desperate for medical advice for his intimate problem and won't take no for an answer. SYNOPSIS Dr Goldsworth has ringfenced a rare free day to tick off a vital marathon training run. When she’s recognised by her patient Geoff, he leaps to jog along uninvited hoping to secure some valuable medical insight. Ever the consummate professional, Dr Goldworth finds herself all ears to Geoff’s concerns but stands firm, he needs to book an appointment. It might not be surgery hours, but in these times of lengthy NHS waiting times, Geoff does what any sane person in his situation would do; he seizes the moment to discuss some worrying symptoms and initiate an eye-wateringly intimate out of hours consultation. A contemporary comedy short, ‘Not Surgery Hours’, explores how far some patients are willing to go to speak to their GP. Is the NHS on its knees? Yes. Do we admire everything about it? Yes. Do doctor’s occasionally have to perform impromptu rectal examinations in public parkland? Apparently so. WINNER - Audience Award and Best Regional Film, BIFA-Qualifying Cornwall Film Festival 2023
Tuesday 21st 14:15 Studio Stepny Celtic Short Film.
Wednesday 22nd 10:00 Main Theater Short Film.
Thursday 23rd 16:00 Studio Stepny Short Film Made In Wales.
Thursday 23rd 10:00 Study Stepny Short Film.
Thursday 23rd 14:00 Studio Stepny Short Documentary.
Wednesday 22nd 13:30 Main Theater Short Documentary.
Wednesday 22nd 14:30 Main Theater Short Film.
Monday 20th 10:00 Crochan Animation.
Wednesday 22nd 12:20 Main Theater Short Film Made In Wales.
Wednesday 22nd 11:10 Main Theater Celtic Short Film.
Thursday 23rd 11:20 Crochan Experimental / Poetic.
Monday 20th 15:40 Crochan Celtic Short Film.
Thursday 23rd 10:30 Crochan Foreign Short Film.
Monday 20th 17:30 Main Theater Feature Film.
Thursday 23rd 11:15 Studio Stepny Short Comedy.
Monday 20th 12:00 Studio Stepny Feature Documentary.
Thursday 23rd 14:10 Crochan Experimental /Poetic.
Wednesday 22nd 16:00 Main Theater No-Budget Short Film.
Monday 20th 13:00 Crochan No-Budget Short film.
Special Screening.
Thursday 23rd 14:50 Crochan Celtic Short Film.
Monday 20th 14:15 Main Theater Short Film.
Wednesday 22nd 16:50 Main Theater Foreign Short Film.
Thursday 23rd 13:20 Crochan No-Budget Short Film.
Monday 20th 16:40 Main Theater Short Film.
Thursday 23rd 14:40 Studio Stepny Short Film.
Thursday 23rd 10:00 Crochan Short Film Made in Wales.
Tuesday 21st 12:30 Studio Stepny Short Film.
Thursday 23rd 12:50 Studio Stepny Short Film.
Monday 20th 13:00 Main Theater Short Film.
Monday 20th 12:10 Main Theater Short Comedy.
Tuesday 21st 16:30 Studio Stepny No-Budget Shot Film.
Monday 20th 10:00 Main Theater Short Film.
Wednesday 22nd 18:00 Main Theater Short Comedy.
Thursday 23rd 12:00 Studio Stepny Short Documentary.
Tuesday 21st 10:00 Studio Stepny Short Film Made In Wales.
Monday 20th 11:50 Crochan Foreign Short Film.
Thursday 23rd 12:10 Crochan Rising Star Short Film.
Monday 20th 15:00 Main Theater Short Documentary.
Monday 20th 14:00 Studio Stepny Feature Documentary.
Tuesday 21st 15:15 Studio Stepny Short Documentary.
Monday 20th 16:10 Main Theater Short Film.
Tuesday 21st 12:00 Studio Stepny Short Comedy.
Monday 20th 10:40 Crochan Experimental / Poetic Short Film.
Monday 20th 15:30 Studio Stepny Feature Documentary.
Tuesday 21st 11:00 Studio Stepny Short Film.
Monday 20th 14:30 Crochan Foreign Short Film.
Thursday 23rd 15:40 Crochan Animation.
Thursday 23rd 15:20 Studio Stepny Short Film.

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