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Crochan Foreign - Short Film 17th 11:30

Crochan Foreign - Short Film 17th 11:30

Available: May 17, 2023 10:30
Until: May 21, 2023 23:59
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CBFF 2023
I Cheated I Cheated

I Cheated

"Yo he sido infiel," Spanish for "I cheated," is whispered as the premise of a father's attempt to rebuild a relationship with his son. Shrouded by the shadows of a blue hour on a fishing dock, the two navigate their lasting shame and grudges in an effort to reacquaint as the best friends they once were.
9 minutes


After two ISIS attacks eerily resemble passages from his latest book, a TV writer finds himself under thin ice when he realizes that the new TV show he’s been approached to develop by a mysterious Turkish production company might be used as a blueprint for the terrorist group’s new attack.
15 minutes
Giddh (The Scavenger) Giddh (The Scavenger)

Giddh (The Scavenger)

An old man struggles to make ends meet. He fails to save his dying soon, with just a few Rupees in his pocket he could fetch either medicines or food, never both.

Work is hard to come by, the old starving man doesn’t look like a capable labourer. Things are grim until he stumbles upon an unlikely means of survival, but this comes at a cost.

He needs to put his conscience at stake for just a few morsels. A calamity strikes and the old man can benefit from it. Helplessness and desperation don’t know right from wrong but aren’t right and wrong subjective? An internal tussle ensues and soon hunger collides with guilt. With the food on his plate at stake, what will weigh heavier, his hunger or his guilt?
24 minutes
NAFAS NAKESH (Don’t Breathe) NAFAS NAKESH (Don’t Breathe)

NAFAS NAKESH (Don’t Breathe)

To exert more tyranny and suppression, the ruling power has done something to its dissenters that they exhale smoke when they breathe, and the agents must take into custody such people wherever they find them. Unaware of the law, a man meets one of the dissidents and it changes the course of his life, until he decides to immigrate to a better land with the dissident for a better life.
15 minutes

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Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2023
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