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United Kingdom Premiere


14 minutes
Genres: Thriller, Horror, Drama
Content Warnings: Suicide
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Sid lives in self-imposed isolation with his dog, Ace. That is until, one day, amidst the surrounding mountainscape, Sid sees a mysterious house appear on the horizon. Upon closer inspection, this house is familiar; it is his home. The same ravaged stone, mossy notches, and chipped painted wood. As Sid’s initial suspicions continue to grow, so does his all-consuming obsession with the house. He starts to plant traps and experiments, each taking him a step closer to the truth; that the house is a window into his future. As Sid continues stalking the house, discovering that the time difference between the two lodges is a mere hour, he suddenly sees his future self, wandering frantically around the house. Future Sid locks himself into a room; hiding from something unknown. After a few moments, future Sid is shot in the head. Panicked, present Sid realises what this means; he only has 1 hour to live. Following this discovery, Sid does everything he can to prevent his seemingly inevitable fate.
Studio: BFI / Penciltrick Productions /Intermission Film
Producers: Jennifer MonksEmily RadakovicRachel Kelly
From: United Kingdom
Produced In: United Kingdom
Directors: Zak Harney
Writers: Zak Harney
Lead Actors: Kevin McNally
Key Crew: Ciaran O'Brien (Cinematographer)Composer (Quentin Lachapele)Production Designer (Giorgia Lee Joseph)Tim Burns (Sound Designer)
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Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2024
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