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13 minutes
As a CIA clinical/forensic psychologist, Dr. John Flemington's romantic getaway takes a thrilling turn when enigmatic underground operatives compel him to abandon his plans and embark on a covert mission, blurring the lines between love and duty.
Genres: Thriller, Drama
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In the dimly lit confines of an empty bar, a solitary figure sits, his steely gaze betraying a lifetime of secrets. Dr. John Flemington, a CIA clinical and forensic psychologist, is the estranged son of the legendary James Bond - a connection he has long kept hidden.

When Flemington is approached by Anastasia Mansfield, the enigmatic daughter of M from the 007 series, he finds himself thrust into a high-stakes mission of global importance. Caught in a web of intrigue and esoteric origins, Flemington must navigate a treacherous landscape, where the line between ally and adversary blurs.

With his own girlfriend waiting for him in Mexico, Flemington is forced to confront not only the dark forces that seek to control him, but also the ghosts of his past. As the stakes grow ever higher, he must decide where his true loyalties lie - to his country, his family, or himself.

This gripping drama/thriller/suspense spy film by first time writer/director (and clinical psychologist) Dr. Luke Rex, will take audiences on a heart-pounding journey, where the secrets of the past collide with the uncertainties of the present, and one man's choice could determine the fate of nations.
Studio: 9 Lives Entertainment
Producers: Luke Rex Psy.D.
From: United States
Produced In: United States, Australia
Directors: Luke Rex
Writers: Luke Rex
Lead Actors: Jannica OlinLuke Rex
Supporting Actors: Darren LipariRyan Stroud
Key Crew: Laura Jansen (DP)Pete Szijarto (Edit/Color)Daniel Teo (Sound Design)Greg BeatonLuke RexDaniel Teo (Composers)
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