The frosty ground

The frosty ground

The raw emotion of love that has slipped unknowingly

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Created by 민희선
Lead Actors 민희선



Eun-bae is a seemingly average guy. Who goes to work, earn his money and simply lived his life.
One day he tried to spend the night at a brothel and there he met a woman called Seo-ri.
Seo-ri is simple-minded and only seems to repeat the things she learned from other people.
Eun-bae couldn’t understand her naivety, and this made him despised her at first.
Yet, he gradually falls for her stupid innocence.
They don’t talk about their personal lives.
However, Eun-bae began to develop feelings for Seo-ri.
Eun-bae keeps calling for her to get out of the brothel.
But one day, Seo-ri didn’t pick up the phone.

Eun-bi realised his love for Seo-ri and tried to find and expressed his love for her.

This story is about two people falling in love and they try to bridge the gap between their very different worlds.