Just Like Water

Just Like Water

The eternal flow in a lifecycle

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Created by Elina DaraklitsaManos Triantafillakis
Lead Actors Yiannis PapadantonakisElectra MitsimariMaria KastellianouManos TriantafillakisYiannis Kiouranakis. Storyteller: Thanasis Nakos
Key Crew DIRECTOR Manos Triantafillakis WRITER Manos TriantafillakisElina Daraklitsa
 CINEMATOGRAPHER Marinos Papadantonakis FILM EDITING Petros KiosesHaris Grigorelis ORIGINAL MUSIC Giorgos Varsamakis
 CAST Yiannis PapadantonakisElektra MitsimariMaria KastellianouYiannis KiouranakisManos Triantafillakis STORYTELLER Thanasis Nakos
 CAMERA Nikos Vandoulas DRONE Alexandros ChatzipanagiotisGiorgos Balothiaris SOUND DESING Manos Tsirigotakis MUSIC SUPERVISOR Manos JMT COLORIST Manthos Sardis SPECIAL EFFECT Alexis Paraschos TITLES George Pavloudis 
SUBTITLES Stamatina Zioga MAKEUP ARTIST Maria Markogiannaki GRAPHIC DESING Kostas Makris TRANSLATION TO ENGLISH Maria Dragatakis TRANSLATION TO ITALIAN Francesca Minutoli ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Manto Rasouli PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Elina Daraklitsa EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Petros KiosesKostas StamatopoulosNikos KonitsiotisPavlina AgalianouLeda PlatsiNontas MitsimarisAggelos PapoutsidakisGiorgos TsagarakisEliana PerifanouChristine Artemis Pappa CO-PRODUCER Konstantinos Makris PRODUCER Manos Triantafillakis


Romance Family Drama

The movie is about the father of the director, Spyros, his life and experiences. He is the protagonist and narrator. The "Just Like Water" speaks about time and the circle of life.

The questions asked are, what is time and how do we perceive it? Do we really live the moments in our daily lives and do we give them their due value?

So, we follow a magical journey through time, embedded with vivid images of Spyros, grandfather, man, child ... A girl and a woman always there. A patchwork of images, accompanied by original musical composition, sketched in detail: it weaves the puzzle of a whole life nestled in the Island of Crete (Greece).